Good Morning Mum

It has been a couple years of wondering how to leave some of my thoughts, prayers and special findings behind when I depart this wonderful world.

A blog?  Yep, a blog.

Not in any hurry, mind you, for that departure.  However, one of my co-Grammy’s coined a sweet term on the special birthday I am looking at.  This year I turn Sixty One-derful.  Big year.  Wonderful life, and so much more I hope to do.

And, it has been a sweet ride.  Not an easy ride, a sweet ride.

Here is the song that inspired me to live this sweet life the best way I know how.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning Mum

  1. Kay Johnson

    Enjoying your blog! I have pictures in my mind of your lovely mother, brother, and the school hill. Such shared experiences and much cherished. So you’re going to be a 6onederful! Looking to the very near end of my life journey, I am finding that my thoughts are often of those gone to the great reward and of all the wonderful times we had. It is bittersweet. Then I think of my nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews and the world is bright and joyful and the bittersweet retreats and I am on my way to another day and thankful for it.

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