Good morning

Good morning. Sip. Sigh.

Simple, sweet.

My Mum used to say her very first sip of coffee was the best moment of the day. Always accompanied by a small sigh of contentment, I still smile when I hear myself make that very same sound with my coffee.

We call it the coffee sigh.

After she passed away, I remember feeling so sad and remarking to my husband that I couldn’t call her and say “Good morning Mum” anymore. It must’ve been right after a first sip of coffee followed by a coffee sigh.

He smiled and simply said, “Of course you can – you can say it to her every morning if you want to.”

“Good morning Mum” was born.

Writing this blog has been on my mind for a number of years. Seems like the right place to try to capture, remember and write down the skrids.

What are skrids you ask? Well, skrids is one of my favorite words……I plan to tell that Maine to Ohio story very soon.

Thanks for tuning in today. Come back soon!




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