Mum’s kids

Mum’s kids………..

The background color for this lyric video is the same color as my brother’s VW bug…..we are talking 60’s and 70’s for all of this post……….being the little sister, I begged to get a ride to school in this coolest of cars.

Being 5 years older, my brother was not so sure that was fair.  We had a bus that came every morning, and it was all warmed up.  Mum, however, thought it would be nice of him to give me a ride.  Mum didn’t yell, or even raise her voice.  The tone of her voice may have changed into the warning mode………I only remember that I thought I won that day, at least for a while.

Mum probably had a big smile on her face after her coffee sigh the morning I got that ride.

He agreed, up to a point.  That point was the foot of the hill before we got to school.  What super cool high school guy would want to show up with his junior high school sister in tow?

Brother, I had your back.  I never told Mum I had to walk the last hill.  Barefoot, in the snow…..26 below….middle of the winter in Maine.  Ahem……It might have been a gorgeous autumn day with a light breeze and I might have been wearing a nice jacket………….details, details.

I remember this song playing on the am/am radio a lot during that time.   Still, after all this time, what a wonderful, enduring song.  It makes me think of my brother.

I actually think it would make a great prayer.  Have a listen.



5 thoughts on “Mum’s kids

  1. Sharon

    I was 13 when that tune came out ! Brings back lots of memories ! Street dances,my yellow transistor radio,hem-lines going up,leisurely summers,slumber parties and of course boys !!! Enjoyed your story !! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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