Skrids.  Mum used this term very often.  It is a great word.

If you google it, turns out it really is a word (according to Urban Dictionary.)   skrids. Any small, broken up particles of a larger, valued substance. Particularly used when there is not a surplus of material, and nothing should be wasted.


After moving to Ohio from Maine, I was appalled that folks didn’t know what I meant when I used this word.

Skrids, by far one of my favorite words.  Once you get what it means, it will be one of your favorite words, too.

Basically, skrids are the small bits and pieces of anything left over at the end of something.

A bag of chips has those small crumbs at the bottom – skrids.

The floor is littered with skrids of cloth after a sewing project is complete.

Common examples:  “I don’t want your skrids!”…..or…..”Save the skrids, they are great on a salad”…..or……”Sweep up the skrids”…..or …..”Can I have the skrids around the edge of that casserole before you wash out the dish?”…………you get the idea now?

Skrids are what is left at the bottom, at the finish, when something is considered used up. However, while they are occasionally discarded, they can also be great fun – admit it, you have turned the potato chip bag upside down to let those last salty pieces roll on down to your mouth.  🙂

My Ohio loved ones challenged me that perhaps my Mum had just made up that word. Really????   Well, soon after that I saw the word in a Stephen King novel (so sorry can’t remember which one) and I had my proof!   Trust me, Mum went to Bangor to get shoes and other necessities once in a while, but she never dropped in on Stephen and Tabitha while she was in town.  She had a list after all, and not a lot of time to get everything she needed and still get home before dusk/dark set in and the moose came out.

I began to reflect on how a wan smile can be elicited by looking at some types of skrids…….for instance:

I realized my jewelry box has some skrids in it from long ago days………….backs of earrings, a couple beads from a broken necklace, the extra pearls leftover from having my prize pearls restrung for my sweet daughter’s wedding, a stone I picked up on a hike, a seashell from somewhere.

My sewing trunk has some skrids from every one of the baby quilts I have made for my sweet grandchildren.  (Someone else is going to have to throw those skrids away some day……..I can’t do it.)

Got skrids?  I sure hope you do.  🙂

So – my challenge has been to find just the right song for this post.

Here it is: A most beautiful song that honors a Mother’s Love – and reminds me that she lives on in me:





5 thoughts on “Skrids

  1. Susan SHAW Bair

    I love this tidbit about your Mum and the fact you have carried on her traditions. Gardening, cooking, sewing and her sayings. She certainly was a wonderful lady. I love your blog, I look forward to the next story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Janet Chasse

    Good morning, thank you for skrids. I use that word and never thought about it. My daughters get teased about other Maine colloquialisms, when Becca refers to her dresser as a “bureau”, her boyfriend asks “what bureau? the FBI?”.

    Liked by 1 person

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