Make yourself useful……as well as Ornamental.

Watching people work can be very interesting, but Mum thought it was better to be part of the worker group most of the time. She believed that it was only in rare times when being ornamental would be the preferred modus operandi……….

If I happened to be looking particularly lazy, I often heard this comment, “Make yourself useful as well as ornamental”.

I get such a chuckle out of saying that same thing to folks once in a while.  It is, after all, a veiled compliment, right?  Mum was telling me that I was pleasing to her eye, otherwise, where would the “ornamental” part come in?  What I took from it was – hey, it’s OK to look the part, but far better to get busy and make a difference.  Busy hands are happy hands…….by golly, I think she was right!

At the end of her life, she still needed to make things, create sweet homemade gifts and cook whatever she could.

The day after my Dad passed, her hands turned in on themselves and she rapidly developed severe rheumatoid arthritis. I wish……….hmmmmm………I can feel another blog post coming from Mum’s words………I wish I could have understood better what she was going through when she became not useful, and no longer felt ornamental.  I am telling her with my first ‘sip, sigh and Good Morning Mum’ today that she made a huge difference in my life, and continues to do so.  Sweet lady.

Miss you Mum, you taught me to reach out.  I do know it made you really happy to see how much I love my children, how much I love to make things, and how much I love to reach out.

Easy choice on music today.  Thanks Mum!


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