Headed Down River in Autumn – (sans Maine accent :)

“Down River” – as in, “We are going to head Down River today”, or, “Let’s watch the news to see what the weather is Down River”, or, “I saw three moose on the road when I went Down River yesterday”…..you get the idea?  We aren’t talking canoe ride here.  Down River was where we were headed whenever we got in the car………growing up in Greenville, Maine we were up river from all the places roads took us.  Well…….there were the dirt roads and logging roads that went the other way – but that is a topic for another day….. (Wan smile).

Down River took us to the great city of Bangor, where there were stores that had just about everything a person could want.  Even had an escalator store in the old days – now that was a pretty fine day riding the magic stairs, if I do say so myself.

Down River also took us to the ocean………the crashing waves on the rocks, lobster boats in the harbor and of course to a drive up Cadillac Mountain.  Down River, I learned, wasn’t actually a town, but rather a direction to head.  It even could lead you to the huge city of Portland way down in the southern part of Maine if you weren’t careful to stay on Route 15 in Guilford.

Does this sound like a simpler life, a simpler time and still an adventure?  Welcome to my childhood.  It really was spectacular to grow up in Maine.  Especially in the fall, when the bugs were gone, the woods were oh so clear – and it was the right side of winter, which is to say it wasn’t mud season.

My Mum would have loved to see this beautiful video I figured out how to make and post on youtube.

Here is a song my son wrote that says it all about what was both up river, and down river. In this song he talks about tourists and visitors who missed the best part by heading home a bit too early…..I have always agreed with him on that.




11 thoughts on “Headed Down River in Autumn – (sans Maine accent :)

  1. Peggy Phillips

    I well remember the excitement of going “down river” to Bangor to see big sights like Freeses department store with both an escalator and elevator and many floors of things for sale. Even going to Dover-Foxcroft to Koritski’s and Laverdiere’s was exciting! No malls back then.

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  2. You have the soul and giftings of an artist and obviously have passed them on to your son. Such a delightful montage combining the Glory of Fall with song! Very fitting! I noticed at the end there were other songs offers of praise and worship music. Is your son a worship minister? Are you acquainted with the Vineyard churches and the Vineyard movement? We attend The Vineyard Church of Anaheim.

    I am reblogging your piece here and Reblogging your video and song. Truly lovely!

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    1. Thanks for your glorious words! I believe the worship songs at the end are a reflection of my YouTube browsing.

      My son is a devout Christian but not a worship minister. How sweet of you to wonder about that-I have asked him why he isn’t a couple times, haha

      I am a bit familiar with Vineyard but it is not the church we currently attend. I would love to learn more about the movement. So glad to meet you!

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