Build a fire ……….

Build a fire and they will come……… amazing brother and his equally amazing wife used to live on a lake in Maine and they had the sweetest fireplace on the shore.  Faced west, so the sunsets were superb.

While visiting once he said this to me, “I think we should have a party tonight.  I am going to build a fire and you wait, folks will arrive. No invitation necessary.”  I am looking at the solitude and the sunset, thinking, “Yep, sure they will, uh huh.”

Food was prepared (because that is what you do when people are coming over). The fire was lit and the chairs arranged. I was content to think that I was the party he was talking about.  🙂  As it grew dark, I heard the sound of a canoe paddle in the water nearby, and sure enough, the first party goer arrived…….the fire message had been effectively delivered, and now it was time to visit!

It is so much fun to laugh, joke, commune and story tell around a campfire – I keep wondering why I don’t do it more often……….

Incredibly simple, and incredibly profound –

Build a fire and they will come.  

Be the light for others and they will show up.

Find yourself a lake, a sunset and a firepit………Mum used to say, “It’s good for what ails you – and if nothing ails you – it’s good for you anyway.”

Dedicating this song to that very special brother and his beautiful wife. Have a listen:




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