Where did I come from?

I came from a long line of knitters…………and………….my people also were up-cyclers before there was a word for it.  🙂

I have been laughing this winter about making slipper moccasins, hats, mittens, earbands, pin cushions and the best potholders you could imagine out of a ruined wool sweater……..

Marketing, marketing………I shouldn’t say ruined sweater, I should say it is felted wool, but honestly it is a sweater that got washed and dried – changing it from a size XL Mens to a size 4 Toddler……..hilarious and so wonderful at the same time.

Mum would have been so all over this. (I still have a toddler nightgown Mum crafted from one of hers – she made it for my daughter when she was little, some 25 years ago I reckon.  The lace around the collar came from an old doilie, and the buttons from her way cool button box.)

Not sure I could ever purposefully felt a hand knit sweater, but if I ever found one that someone else had ruined, I think that would be absolute perfection for creating something new out of something old.

Why do I knit?  Because it is ridiculously peaceful. PEACEFUL!!!!!!!!! Oops……all capitals isn’t really very peaceful is it?  However, I just love, love, love knitting.  I always listen to either an audiobook or music while knitting.  I even listened to the whole Bible in audio format last year while working on various knitting projects.  It was spectacular.

Speaking of Peace……I know I am not alone in my love for The Eagles.  So glad they sang about so many great things.  Enjoy this one I found today, I know I sure did.


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