Sisters. Drinking tea instead of coffee this morning in honor of my sweet sister Grace. “Good morning Sis”.

Well, this is going to be the hardest post I have ever loved to do…………..started it on February 10th…..kept going back to it all week……sometimes it seems like a long time she has been gone; other times just yesterday.

Music has helped more than anything to walk through the grieving process.  My sister was so incredibly special………..I still pick up the phone to give her a call before I realize she isn’t here on earth anymore.

I used to call her for advice – she was the absolute best person I have ever known for giving good advice.  Her capacity for love was phenomenal. Her understanding and empathy came from a life filled with pain and suffering………she came through to the other side of that suffering with an ability to perceive what was happening in others, even from 1000 miles away. Her empathy skills were beyond my comprehension.  I just accepted that for the beautiful thing that it was.  I sure do miss her………


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