Tomato plant 🌱

The first garden I helped plant after moving to Ohio from Maine was an eye opener for sure. In Maine, I was taught to dig a trench about a foot long and carefully lay my tomato seedling along the trench to allow more possibility for the roots to succeed.  Let the top of the plant peek above the ground and dig a moat around each plant to capture the water when it rains. And be prepared to settle for Green Tomato Pickles because it frosted before they ripened.

So I am planting with my buddy and as I am doing this routine I see him watching me with a puzzled look.  “What?  This is how I was taught to do it”.   (He was just digging a small hole and sticking the plants in without much attention to detail.)  Then the most horrid thing happened.  I broke a major branch off of the seedling as I was doing my planting routine. The poor broken thing only had a couple of root hairs hanging on where it was broken off of the main plant.  After apologizing, I threw the broken branch to the side.  He looked at me again, and said, “We can still plant that”.  I am sure my expression was one of surprise and doubt……….and I just sat back on my haunches and watched him pick up that discarded branch and stick it in another hole.  Having older brothers, I was pretty sure my leg was being pulled, but after further discussion, we agreed to mark it so I could watch and see if it made it.  It was pretty puny looking for a couple weeks, but by mid July, if not for the marker, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you which tomato plant was the broken rescue.

Which leads me to why I love to tell this story.  I realized I totally related that year to the rescued tomato plant.  I left Maine feeling broken and torn up by the roots, and was transplanted into new ground.  I floundered, and then I struggled, and then I flourished.  I love living in Ohio, and I loved growing up in Maine.  I am looking forward to writing about the first time I encountered what it means in Ohio to walk into any establishment and shout “O – H”.

Here in Ohio, the time became right for me to find God, and from that everything else has become the blessed life I am leading.  I am learning to love deeply; trust fully; and to truly believe in the power of Faith, Hope and Love.  I am cherishing friends and family more that I would ever have imagined I was capable of.

Happy Sunday.  This is one beautiful song.  TYL.



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