Bowling Pin Gifts

This is a unique saying in our family…………and comes from a very hilarious story that happened about 30 years ago…

When my middlest (not oldest or youngest, but the middlest) son was a preschooler we were shopping at a five and dime store in Millinocket,  Maine – looking for the perfect gift for his Dad for Christmas.  He spotted a toy plastic bowling pin kit on a high up shelf, and insisted that was what his Dad wanted.  I tried very hard to be patient and reason with him, telling him that was what he wanted, not what his Dad would like.  My son was equally patient with me, but never for a second backed down on his opinion.  I, in my great wisdom, gave in and got it.   Choose your battles, and this one wasn’t worth it.

The gift was quite a big hit on Christmas morning for both of my sons and my baby daughter.  And for their Dad.  Turned out playing with Dad is pretty much the reason we bought that toy.  Those pesky things need a grown up to keep setting up the pins, and a coach to encourage the kiddos to keep trying. Seems my boy was right all along.  I have been so happy more times than you can imagine that I didn’t have to win that battle in the store.

Anyway, a family term was coined that day, and has stayed with us all these years.  We immediately start laughing pretty hard when someone opens a gift and yells, “Bowling Pin!!”  We know it was a gift the recipient believes the giver actually wanted as well.

Couldn’t resist when I was back in Millinocket about 5 years ago, to pick up another genuine plastic bowling pin toy – in the clearance bin at a local store.  Same town, same toy, and probably same cost – $2.99. Wrapped it up, put a tag on it that indicated his little daughter just might have purchased it for him.   Great for me that my son chose to leave that toy here, the grandkids love it.  The best part, however, was when my son opened it on Christmas that year and laughed his characteristic belly laugh. Such a sweet moment of ‘what goes around comes around’.  🙂

Think about the implications in life here.  It is hilarious and thought provoking at the same time.  What have you given to someone that you really wanted yourself?  How did it turn out?

For instance:  I wouldn’t get my husband a soft, fuzzy blue sweater that fits me perfectly.  He wouldn’t get me a new grill – at least I don’t think he would………….

However, I did just book him a trip for two back to Jamaica to celebrate our 15th Anniversary, and it was just what I wanted.

This song is about love being The Gift.

Love of my Life,

A Mother’s Love,

The Love of God.

This song works for it all.






2 thoughts on “Bowling Pin Gifts

  1. Linda

    Oh I am so thankful you shared your blog with me. I am enjoying getting to know you, getting to know your heart. Thankful God planned the crossing of our paths.

    And now I know where you will be for a couple weeks. Jamaica, right? Or were you there already?

    It is on our bucket list. This school year and last, we have been privileged to share our home with a student from Jamaica. (She was at our book study Mar. 1). It has been a joy being her mom and dad in the states and someday maybe…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Writing this blog has been so therapeutic for me.
      We are actually headed to Colorado for our next journey – Jamaica is this summer. Travelling has been one of my greatest blessings. I love exploring the world and seeing God’s blessings everywhere.


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