Other Mothers………..

I still remember her phone number by heart………even though it is no longer connected. She was a teacher at Bunny Hutch Nursery School – it no longer exists except in the memory of folks like me whose children benefited from her love and teaching.

I was walking out of K-Mart in Millinocket, Maine soon after the school closed, and there she was, my future “Other Mother”………..I asked her what she planned to do next, and she told me she had no idea……

I suggested she help me with my brood – I was blessed to only work part time so she would still have time for coffee with her friends.  Little did I know she would start taking my baby daughter out to coffee with her.   I realized she was becoming one of my Other Mothers in my blessed life.

Snow day?  Sick kid? Yep, she was ready for that phone call and arrived in time for me to make it to work.

Had Marshmallow Fluff in her cupboard, and she had the distinct honor of introducing my kids to Fluffer-Nutters.

She came late one evening when I was close to passing to the next life – Strep Toxic Shock nearly took me when my children were in 1st, 4th and 5th grade.  She was the one who stayed with them for days, the one who put me on her prayer chain, and prayed for me to survive and come back to them.  She was the one who filled the teachers in so that if I didn’t make it back, they had time to prepare for how to help my kids.

I still fold my towels exactly the way she did and smile – every time she ran a load of towels I was stunned at her generosity.She said she liked to feel the warm towels on her hands.

After I moved to Ohio, she helped my sister bring my frail Mum for a visit.  I still marvel at how she pulled that off. This is a picture of the gift she brought with her when she came.  I have had it in my home for almost 20 years.


She would have turned 86 this year on Easter Sunday.  She passed away last year the day after Christmas.  Her obituary said she died peacefully with family all around.  I can’t imagine how I lost track of her and didn’t find out she passed for a couple months………..losing track of people who have made a huge difference in our lives must be part of reckoning that the same will one day happen to us.

Who have you had in your life that you thought would always be there?  Who do you think you will see again when you get around to it?

See you in Heaven, Mary.  Missed my chance for a goodbye in this life.  Your faith was unwavering.  You made me feel like I was your favorite, even though I know you had a bunch of folks like me in your life………you are Love.  I will never forget you.





2 thoughts on “Other Mothers………..

  1. Sharon

    Beautiful ….. I didn’t realize she no longer walks this earth…. I’m sorry….. she was a tremendous help to you during those times. Love you Dayle ….

    Liked by 1 person

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