Things no human has ever seen….

I have to say, trying to amaze my grandchildren with something  simple yet profound is one of my favorite pass times. Feel free to snag this one and have some fun with it.

So, somewhere along the line I learned to cut an apple in half and there would be a star inside, every time.  I just have to remember to cut it correctly………see the pictures for my illustration.  Anyway, at some point I realized that every star has never been seen by human eyes, so it is a big surprise to cut the apple, then turn the cut pieces toward the little face in my kitchen and tell them they are the first person on earth to see this.  It is honestly one of my claims to fame. OK, so I really am that simple………..and life really is that good. 🙂




cut apple



If you are blessed to have ever found a complete sand dollar, well……….it means you will have good luck for the rest of your life.  I just made that up, but it sure is fun to say when you find one.

This makes a great Christmas transition to Easter story, and it is all about the ocean and God’s love………how cool is that?  I have included the legend of the sand dollar, and a picture to prove that those doves really are in there.


legend of the sand dollarsand dollar


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