Sixty – One-derful

Sip, sigh……Good Morning Mum.

Happy birthday to me! Again it’s always a matter of perspective. When my Mum turned 60 she said it was the first year she felt old.

I’m thinking there are some things that I disagreed with her about….and on this I was spot on.

Just spent last week skiing in the Colorado Rockies with two of my grandkids. Headed out today to enjoy the slopes with my sweet husband – the pass is open, snowy but plowed and sanded. We have chains. A couple inches of new snow on the pass.

These two grandchildren are blessed with having their maternal grandmother live near them in Colorado.  I have this very cool lady to  thank for completely changing my perspective on hitting my 60s. She wished me a great last week skiing with our grands as I finished up Sweet Six-tee.  She wished me happy 60 One-derful and told me that I should look forward to 60-Two Good to be true!!!

Next year I get a  lifetime pass to the national parks! I hear the price is going to go up – no problem – I plan to live another 20 years, so I think it’ll be worth every penny!

9 years ago I had trouble walking…..after 12 months I made it back to full function….. so it really isn’t about how old we are, it’s whether or not we have our health, correct? Right now, I just want it to slow down so this great goodness can last.

Hiked yesterday to a waterfall that looked  like it was coming out of a  slot canyon. When we made it back to the car this song was playing on the radio. Life is good!



9 thoughts on “Sixty – One-derful

  1. Sharon

    Well …… dear Mabel ….. that was wonderful ! I’m thinking next year is the year I get out to Pagosa Springs for your birthday !!! Sounds like you had a great time ! I’ll never forget the time Scott and I went over Wolf Creek Pass in a snow storm back in 1976 …. :0 41 years ago… :0 !
    Take a ski for me ! Love you, Hazel

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  2. Julie

    Happy birthday! Love this positive perspective on aging. I turn 57 next week and on my morning walk today I felt so happy just to be in the sun, listening to the birds and being alive. Everyday is a gift.

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