The Big Red Machine…..

Opening day was yesterday in Cincinnati.  The town virtually stops what it normally does on a Monday, and on opening day for the Reds they have a parade…..a baseball game filled with hope and lots of red jerseys in the audience.  Every year this happens. Every single year.  These people are not fair weather fans………..nope.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the Reds have been struggling………..those fans still believe another “Big Red Machine” is coming their way on opening day.

I love the positive attitude my husband has about the Reds.  He literally refuses to give up on them.   I grew up loving the Reds all the way back in Maine………….Johnny Bench…….teenage girl sigh…….need I say more?  So I was pleasantly surprised to discover Tom grew up a Reds fan, not an Indians fan.  Technically, it is OK in Ohio to love them both as they are in different leagues, but…………well….. the Reds are legends for me.

So baseball is fun for what reason?  Oh yeah, because it just is.  First time I went to a major league baseball game was in Cincinnati after I moved to Ohio.  I literally couldn’t believe I was there –  it was just as cool as I dreamed it would be.

Go Reds!!!  My household still has them winning the World Series this year.  Last night I was feeling a bit sad at how the game was going, but in the bottom of the ninth, hope was re-kindled.  OK, so they lost – but they sure had me excited for a while!  Tah-dah!!!!

They didn’t sing “Take me Out to the Ball Game” last night.  I don’t have a problem with that at all………..I really love that sometimes this particular song hits the 7th inning stretch instead. Baseball makes me feel patriotic, what can I say?   Have a look and listen to this, it is really spectacular.  God Bless America.



4 thoughts on “The Big Red Machine…..

  1. Sharon

    I never knew you were a baseball fan !! Baseball is in my blood but I’m not passionate about it ….. yet ! I need to see a Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs or/and a Philadelphia Phillys game to honor my grandfather. Then maybe I’ll be passionate !! Great story by the way ! Love Celine Dion !!!!


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