Grammy Days

I am here with my 8 year old granddaughter, and she has volunteered to help me write a blog post.  She suggested we write about “Grammy Days.”  Perfect!!

We coined the term “Grammy Days” a few years ago.  I asked her what it means to her, and here is what she said, “It just means a day at Grammy’s and it is a special day.  We make lists of all the fun things we want to do, and we check them off when complete. Sometimes we add the word “must” to the items on the list that are a top priority.”

Then I asked this sweet girl to tell me what the best part of a Grammy Day is, and she said, “Just getting to be here.”  How incredibly wonderful is that?

I asked her for a quote.  Here it is.   “My brother is nice, my Mom is nice, my Dad is nice, my Grandma is nice, my Grammy is nice, my Grampy is nice – everybody in my family is nice.  Nice is nice.”  I told her I would do some spell checking and editing, and she made sure I promised not to change this quote.  🙂 She loves her family, misses them when she is away from them and loves to be reunited.

Grampy always plays the dramatic and begs her not to leave him when it is time for her to go home.  The script goes something like this:

“Grampy, I am leaving now.  Bye!!”

“Don’t go!!!  Don’t leave me!!!!”

“Grampy, I have to go now, bye!”

Grampy kneels down on the porch, points his dramatic hands toward heaven and pleads again, while they repeat this as she is pulling out of the driveway with her folks.  She is laughing, waving and saying good bye over and over.

One day about a year ago she whispered to me during this ridiculously funny ritual,  “Grammy, don’t worry.  I know this is just a game Grampy and I play.”  I thought the game might be coming to an end, but instead she added to the script.  “Now you take care of him til I get back”,  she added with a twinkle in her eye.

My sweet granddaughter talked today about understanding the feelings of others, and her observations about being able to read how a person feels by how they look and act.   I have been saying for quite some time that she has phenomenal empathy skills.   Spending my Grammy Days with her, I am convinced that I am right.  🙂

She helped me search for the right video for this post.  I think she picked a great one.  Have a look. 🙂


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