Alligators Don’t Peep

I guess everybody has a few secret dreams. One of mine has always been to write a children’s book. I find it intriguing that  small children, as they begin to grow,  start to develop fears. People who know me well might actually describe me as a bit skittish when my imagination starts to run away with itself. If I ever did write that story, the title of my children’s book would be “Alligators Don’t Peep!”

Here’s the story that goes with the inspiration. Paid a visit to the Outer Banks last week, and had a wonderful time. Brought our bicycles and decided to stay at the Ocrafolk Festival late and ride our bikes back after dark.  We had head  lights and flashers.  What we didn’t count on was virtually no traffic on the road that was beside the bike trail – which translates into serious dark.  Might have even been pitch dark…………yep, now that I think about it, it was pitch dark for sure.

We started to have a discussion about whether or not there were any alligators in the Outer Banks – which led directly to imagining one quickly creeping out onto the bike trail. Next thing I know I am hearing a loud sound (it might have actually been loud peeping……..details, details).

To say it spooked me a bit just might be an understatement –  and then I couldn’t stop nervous laughing at how silly I was to think a peep could be an alligator.  Anyone who has been to the Columbus Zoo with their grandkids and pushed the button under the fake alligator/crocodile exhibit knows that they growl or roar………… and we all know that a frog would peep or croak, right?

Nevertheless, I chose to sing “The Ants Go Marching One by One” at the top of my lungs the rest of the way to the campground that night……who knows what was out there?  I was convinced of one thing however – that song would make any creepy-crawly-peeping-scary thing take note and run the other way.  I am told that I rode my bike faster than usual as well, but you can’t prove it by me.  🙂

Telling our dear friend about our scary ride the next morning, we literally laughed until the tears came down our cheeks. (This guy would definitely have my back if anything scary ever did come out of the dark.) We agreed that a children’s book about fear could be an excellent addition to the world. At the very least, it was going to be a blog post!

Here is his addition to the creative process………too funny!!

“Alligators Don’t Peep.

Bears don’t moo.

Dogs don’t meow,

And creepy shadows don’t ask “Whooooo?”

What song could possibly accompany this?  You guessed it! (Feel free to fast forward to get to the number you wonder about, and feel free to annoy someone with this song today!!)   Oh my, I can’t stop laughing!!  However, if you ever need a campfire song to chase the heebie-jeebies away, this just might be it!




6 thoughts on “Alligators Don’t Peep

  1. Sharon

    Your so funny !! I sing that song to Josephine and Penelope as we march through the house !! I felt your fear too…… I’m pretty much a scardy cat !! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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