On the porch……..

I was very fortunate to have grown up in a house with a screened in porch.  If you also grew up with a porch, you probably don’t need to read this post any further to get a warm fuzzy feeling about porches.

Our oldest son came by yesterday to help put some of the garden by – beet pickles in purple jars are an outstanding way to smile your way through a sweet Sunday afternoon.  What does that have to do with porches?  Well, the discussion over dinner after the canning was done revolved around the old houses in our town with porches. He remarked that one of his closest friends has a sweet porch in Columbus where he lives. They spend a lot of time on that porch, doing what porch sitters do.  Porches just simply draw people to them, to sit, talk, laugh, watch the action in the neighborhood, comment on passersby, maybe comment to passersby, and generally give you a feeling of well being.

My parents house had a porch.  It was in Maine, so of course it was screened in.  I remember fondly the smell of Raid “Yahd Gahd” that they sprayed on the screens and the floor of the porch to keep the min-gees out (don’t ask).  What I most fondly remember, however, is sitting out there in the evenings and talking in the summer.  Winter evenings we spent time in front of the TV, but summer – not so much.  It was very special to sit there as a child and talk, but it also was pretty cool to eavesdrop on what my parents had to say to each other.  I learned a great deal about companionship and the need for conversation that way.

When I moved to this town 17 years ago, I told the realtor that I needed two things – walking distance to the school my daughter would be attending and a porch.  The porch is my favorite room in the house.  I sit out there and finish my coffee in the morning sometimes.  I sneak out there whenever I can during the day.  It is on the east side of the house, so on hot summer evenings it is shady and cool.  It is pretty special when it is raining as well.  No screens, but it does have a still madly in love middle aged couple sitting on it chatting up the day pretty often.  Life really, really is that good.

Family gathers out on the porch……..grandkids seem to love it out there.  We can rally the current two year old from almost any funk just by saying “porch”.  Is that the best kind of magic or what?  Of course we must follow through and take her to the porch, but we are always ready to make the sacrifice!

Out middlest son coined a sweet term when he was in college – “porch chat”.  While I don’t exactly understand why it is so easy to talk on the porch, I know it is just plain wonderful to do so.   Sometimes we just need to sit and talk……………yep, sometimes we just need to sit and talk.  And laugh.  And tell the same story over and over again. And swing on the porch swing. Love this wonderful place.


Sip, sigh, Good morning Mum.

Never heard this song before today when I googled “songs about porches”.  Yep it is just a bit sappy – and country – and spot on.  Have a listen, think about it, and if you like, come on by and sit a spell. 🙂


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