The last time I used them…..

“Mum, where are my mittens?…books?……boots?…..”   Answer:  “The last time I used them I put them right back where I found them.”   (This response absolutely guarantees eye roll behavior from children.)   It didn’t take long to figure out that if something was my responsibility, I better keep track of it myself.

The easy (and humorous) part, I found out when I became a parent, was saying this saying – it’s simply “talking the talk”.  The hard part was standing back and letting my kids stress out while they looked for their missing item – “walking the walk”.   Mum was pretty good at walking the walk……choosing her battles…..and winning. Good job Mum!

I always knew I was supposed to go out on my own someday. Looking back, I can only smile to realize it seems like this little response to my question was a small part of preparing me for leaving the nest.  I was the youngest of five………and I believe my siblings might have been right that I was spoiled beyond all reason…………that makes me smile too.

I remember my Mum saying that the hardest part of being my Mum was standing back and letting me make my mistakes……..letting me hurt and work it through………and letting me sit through it to get through it. 

When I started writing this today I had no idea what music would work for a post such as this………..and just a moment ago it came to me, plain as day.

Have a listen, and enjoy. Feel free to shed a tear through smiles.  Love is kinda like that.


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