William and Sully

“The Ballad of William and Sully” – I heard it first in the early 2000’s.  It is a song about wandering, searching, what you find out about yourself along the way and more….

It hits my heart so hard every single time I listen to it.  I keep thinking this song is going to be on the radio.  It is one of those ballads that you can’t wait to hear how it ends.  And you keep listening all the way through every time you hear it because the ending is so great. My son recently agreed that when he wrote the song he related to Sully in a big way. Now he is much more like William, living on the front range in Colorado.

Maybe someday you will hear this one on the radio.  For now, you will hear it when my son decides to perform it out there in Colorado, or you can hear it here.  The searcher and the wanderer in each of us resonates through this song.

While Sully was searching farther out west than I did, I have found myself in a van driving around out there a couple times, and it is pretty spectacular.  I love the west and I am not done wandering out there, but that isn’t where I ended up.  Instead, I am in the Midwest, and it is home.  Recently made a sign for my porch – cute, eh?


The song for this video is written by my favorite songwriter, and this is my favorite song he has written so far. The pictures that accompany it are a small snapshot of what it was like for me to finally let go of Maine and settle here in Ohio.

Lost my Mum in 2002…………but I did get a sweet visit with her before she passed, where she got a glimpse of the life I was making here in Ohio.  Good morning Mum……….it really has turned out to be spectacular making my home in,  “one of those O I states out in the middle”.

A Mother’s love occasionally leads us to brag……..no shame in that, right?  Enjoy the song with all its angst and joy all tangled up together.  It is odd how well it accompanies this little photo project despite some differences in geography….. picture your Zippo lit up for this song at some concert, somewhere (while it will probably be an app on your phone these days, you get it.  I know you do).








4 thoughts on “William and Sully

  1. Sharon

    Well now ……. with tears in my eyes I’m missing you …… love the song ….. can’t wait to see you this summer/fall …… to have all the fun we always have !!! XO,SL

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  2. Pam Roberts

    I have enjoyed the couple of times we have talked and gotten to know each other little by little. This post, and this song, make me want to know you better, Dayle. I think you and your husband should come over and have dinner with Mike and I want you guys to come for dinner!

    Liked by 1 person

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